Slab Design

Slab Design

Project Description

Often times, civil and structural engineers are faced with challenges of having to design structural elements such as a slab on-the-go. This application has turned this challenge around to allow engineers to design and detail reinforced concrete slabs swiftly.

Project Summary

Although for educational purpose, the slab design application eases the process of designing one-way and two-way reinforced concrete slab by just a click of a button. The application allows engineers to simply fill in a few fields such as loadings, span, restraint and maximum required bar size. When the design button is clicked, the application carries out the design process to obtain the rebar required for the design. It also goes ahead to search the table of values from the BS8110 standard code of practice to make provisions for the number of reinforcements as well as the bar sizes. It also details this element adequately.

Project Feature


  1. Well outlined input fields for the engineer to provide required information for the design.
  2. Displays a quick summary of the design for easy verification within the application interface.
  3. Generates a HTML printable page with the table of results and detailing of the element required for the construction.
  4. A list of previously designed elements for easy referral and management
Live Project

Technologies Used

  1. Java Standard Edition (JavaSE)
  2. NetBeans
  3. Hypertext Markup Language
  4. Cascading Stylesheet (CSS)
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