Project Description

Concost is a building cost estimation software and a bill of quantity generator used particularly by quantity surveyors and engineers alike.

Project Summary

Version 1.0 of Concost has the ability to estimate the cost of bungalows and multistorey buildings by simply filling a few fields. Users have the ability to simply preview the materials required, their quantity, unit cost and total cost including the sum total of the project cost or view a HTML printable format of the bill of quantity.

Project Feature


  1. Beautiful tabbed menu UI for surveyors to input required information
  2. User interactive chart and table to display a preview of the calculated material cost and project cost graphically.
  3. Generates a HTML5 printable version of the bill of quantity
  4. Allows the surveyor easily push generated to generated bill of quantity to the could using Dropbox for easy collaboration.
Live Project


  1. JavaFX
  2. NetBeans
  3. Scene Builder
  4. HTML5
  5. CSS3
  6. Dropbox

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