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Project Description

APCL Knowledge Base is another in-house desktop application used for administrating quizzes and as a host for our course resources for our students managed by our training department.

Project Summary

The APCL Knowledge Base is a secured platform developed specifically for our trainees to enable them gain easy access to our course materials and also allows participants to take our well-timed quizzes remotely either online or via a wireless local area network. It also allows automatic extraction of multiple choice questions, including their options and answers directly into the system by the administrator and provides an option for manual method of administering questions.

Project Feature


  1. Secured login to access our course materials and take quizzes locally or remotely
  2. Easy administration of multiple choice and theoretical questions.
  3. Automatic scoring and display of results to the test taker with option to offer a price having successful passed a certain threshold.
  4. Easy navigation of questions and a timer to automatically log out the user on exhaustion.
Live Project


  1. Java Standard Edition
  2. NetBeans

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